PMS - When To Seek Medical Advice
Pre-Menstrual Syndrome

PMS: When To Seek Medical Advice

Premenstrual Syndrome or PMS, as its name suggest, is a condition that women in their reproductive years experience just before the start of their monthly period. Women usually suffer from PMS for one to two weeks before their menstruation but this condition soon disappears as soon as the menstruation starts. PMS is associated with negative connotations because of the physical, psychological, and emotional discomforts it brings to a person.

It is important to know why PMS occurs in order to prevent it. Some theories suggest that a woman’s lifestyle plays a significant role in determining whether she will experience PMS or not. Factors such as smoking, drinking too much alcohol, drinking too much caffeine, and the lack of exercise contribute to the negative effects that bring about premenstrual syndrome. In addition, being stressed and having too little sleep can make a woman feel the symptoms of PMS. Taking birth control pills is also known to affect PMS; some women report having experience worse PMS symptoms when taking birth control pills, on the other hand, some women report having the opposite effect, with the birth control pills lessening the symptoms of PMS.

Some physical symptoms you will encounter during PMS include bloating, tenderness on the breast, swelling of the ankles, weight gain due to water retention, uterine cramps, dizziness, palpitations, and acne breakout. You will also experience muscle and joint pain and fatigue during this period. Meanwhile, the psychological symptoms you should look out for include mood swings, aggressiveness, crying spells, depression, hostility, irritability, and sexual desire. It is hard to pinpoint the exact feeling among all of these because the symptoms would be different for every woman. The common complaint about PMS though is bloating, irritability, and fatigue. All these are just guide on the emotions you should watch out for in order to take precautionary measures during this period.

Take note that there is no clear prevention method you can use to stop PMS because doctors are not exactly sure what caused this condition in the first place. The kinds of treatment you should use to treat PMS will also depend on the severity of your condition and the symptoms you are experiencing. Usually, changing to a healthier lifestyle such as eating healthier meals and regularly exercising will help you a lot in improving your condition.

Your doctor can also prescribe diuretics if this condition is bothering you too much, diuretics will remove the excess water from your body. On the other hand, some doctors also prescribe oral contraceptives that contain estrogen or progestin so that the painful cramps you have will be minimized. Meanwhile, if you are suffering from PMS mostly at the psychological level then prescribed antidepressant drugs can relieve these symptoms.

However, if the symptoms you are experiencing are already quite severe, then doctors may recommend a drug that makes ovulation stops. These kinds of drugs usually stop the production of certain hormones in the brain that trigger ovulation. On the other hand, a lesser known herbal drug called MellowPause can help you deal with PMS because it contains herbal ingredients that are proven to be safe and effective for this purpose. For example, MellowPause contains black cohosh which binds estrogen receptors so that estrogenic activities during your menstrual period will be lowered. This ingredient is important because estrogen is a dominant factor in having the symptoms associated with PMS.

Another advantage of using an herbal product like MellowPause is that it can help balance the systematic estrogen production of your body and prevent the hot flashes that women sometimes experience. Pasque Flower is a recommended effective tonic that is suggested to be taken simultaneously with MellowPause. However, if the symptoms you are experiencing are quite severe, then an alternative to taking chemical prescription drugs is taking Dong Quai together with MellowPause for enhanced effectiveness. You may wonder what makes MellowPause different from all the other herbal products available in the market today. Well, aside from treating your PMS effectively, it is also a better alternative because it combines all the proven herbal treatments in one package that so you do not need look for other herbal products. In addition, MellowPause not only helps in treating the psychological and emotional factors associated with PMS; it is a more comprehensive and safer when compared to taking several antidepressant drugs and birth control pills at the same time.

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