The Advantages Of Using Herbal Remedies For PMS
Women's Health - Pre-Menstrual Syndrome

The Advantages Of Using Herbal Remedies For Women’s PMS (Pre Menstrual Syndrome)

Women by nature lean towards being guardians of good health. A woman’s concern for this is naturally keen and sharp. In the ancient days, it was the women who were more inclined to plant herbs and seeds which they can combine, concoct and make use of whenever a family member or someone in the community is sick. Women in those days were also marking solutions to relieve female discomfort during a painful menstruation. This is an early indication of the use of herbal medicines for pain and discomfort. As generations passed, these concoctions were absorbed into the western or modern way – via pharmaceutical medicine.

Today however, herbal medicines are making a comeback. Despite the popularity of medicines made by pharmaceutical companies, there are still those women who prefer the more natural means. Besides, Mother Nature does offer the best solution in many cases. In the case of alleviating female discomfort, it has been proven to provide quick relief without the worry of side effects.

Some women turn to herbal medicine rather than any other means in order to prevent from developing more distress while experiencing PMS. Our hormones during this period poses such an imbalance that to maybe take additional drugs can lead to depression, bloating, sleeplessness, irritability and other minor causes.

Below is a list of herbal medicines which are beneficial and advantageous in providing relief from PMS:

  • The dandelion root serves as a diuretic. It also helps women who constantly experience fatigue brought about by the imbalance in their hormones.
  • The valerian root is effective in reducing depression and anxiety attacks. It has a similar effect as a mild sedative. This helps women sleep a lot better during their monthly period.
  • Women sometimes cannot work or move about because of cramping. The cramp bark is helpful in preventing this.
  • Prolactin levels are unusually high during PMS and chaste berries help balance or reduce this.
  • Red raspberry provides the same effect as the cramp bark in that it helps relax the uterine wall, thereby relieving women of cramps and even a very painful blood flow. It also is effective in dealing with muscle spasms.
  • The dung guai root, which has bitter compounds, may be used to reduce inflammation. It also helps sooth fatigue as well as headache. Dung guai root contains rich amounts of iron.
  • Known to lower cholesterol levels, the ginger root is also helpful in dealing with PMS. It generally works to alleviate one’s well being by improving body function and digestion. This natural medicine contains manganese and magnesium.
  • Kava kava is a tropical plant mostly known to act as an analgesic or pain reliever.
  • Parthenolide, popularly known as feverfew, is used whenever someone has migraines and other body pain.
  • Licorice boosts energy. Its root is also a muscle relaxant; therefore it is very effective with menstrual cramps.
  • The cohosh root (black) is effective in balancing out the estrogen in the body. It also promotes better circulation which helps avoid headaches and muscle tension.
  • The thistle herb is good for blood circulation and provides comfort during a painful menstruation. It is also used for fever, headaches and allergies and may also be helpful with swelling.
  • For soothing the body, marshmallow root is also recommended. This herb is also very effective in reducing inflammation of the bladder, which sometimes results to cystitis, a very common problem among women in the reproductive age.
  • Chamomile provides a very soothing effect. It is a very effective stress reducing herb and muscle relaxant.

There are plenty of other herbs beneficial to women during a bout of PMS. Not only are they useful in this condition, they can also be used for other discomfort both felt by men and women. But do be careful as some herbs may be labeled as natural, although some preparations for it may include other unnatural ingredients. Read and gather information first before you take herbal medicines and get only from credible sources.

We recommend the following natural remedies as proven effective and beneficial: 1) Mellowpause which contains black cohosh and pasque flower; and 2) Menozac which has a mixture of potent phytoestrogen ingredients used since the ancient period.

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