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I Have a Question. What To Do When You Are Having Trouble Reaching Customer Service for Your Part D Provider.

Tired of long wait times, disconnects, or incorrect information being give to you regarding your Medicare Part D plan? Many private insurance carriers that have chosen to administer Medicare Part D benefits have found it challenging to keep up with the customer service demands of their Medicare Part D plan members. With the Medicare Part D option being completely new there has been a significant amount of questions and problems that have been encountered by members when utilizing their benefits. The number of number of inquiries have bombarded the customer service centers for the carriers and resulted in many members feeling that they have received substandard service.

This can be incredibly frustrating and there are limited steps options available to the frustrated member. There are, however, a few things you can try.

1. Give up on peak times. It is oftentimes easier to call during normal business hours but this is the worst time to try to reach customer service with many insurance companies. If you are having trouble reaching them or are experiencing long wait times try calling earlier or later in the day or even on a weekend. Many companies have extended their hours to try to meet customer needs and you may be more successful when trying to call during non-peak hours.

2. Seek out alternatives that will make it possible to avoid calling altogether. Many carriers have websites with an abundance of tools and resources available to their members. If you have access to the Internet explore the website and see if you can find your answer there.

3.If you are a part of a group plan from a previous employer let them know the trouble you are having. If your plan is employer sponsored your the group may have another number or contact available to assist in matters.

4.Talk to your pharmacy, if your question is general in nature they may be able to assist or provide you with ideas of who may be able to help.

5.Seek out your agent. If you enrolled with a specific insurance agent and have a phone number available for them, give them a call. They may not be able to answer your specific questions but could possibly point you in another direction.

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